Registered office Cricket Square Hutchins Drive P.O. Box 2681
Grand Cayman KY1-1111 Cayman Islands

Headquarters in the PRC Flat A, on Level 17, Block 1 Prince Palace Garden North Station Road
Changsha City Hunan Province The PRC

Principal place of business in Hong Kong Unit 1205, 12/F, Tower 1, Lippo Centre,
No. 89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Company’s website
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Company secretary Sin Ka Man HKICPA, FCCA

Authorised representatives Chan Yeung Nam

Sin Ka Man

Audit committee Chu Kin Wang, Peleus (chairman)
Hu Lie Ge
Sun Xiao Nian

Nomination committee Sun Xiao Nian (chairman)
Hu Lie Ge
Fu Jie Pin

Remuneration committee Hu Lie Ge (chairman)
Chu Kin Wang, Peleus
Chen Kai Shu

Compliance adviser Mizuho Securities Asia Limited
12th Floor, Chater House 8 Connaught Road Central Hong Kong

Principal bankers China Merchants Bank
Shenzhen Longgang Branch
1st Floor, Laodong Shebao Building 8029 Longxiang Road Longgang District
Shenzhen Guangong Province, China

China Construction Bank Corporation
Hunan Branch Business Department
No. 85 Fu Rong Zhong Road Section 2 Changsha Hunan Province China

Cayman Islands principal share registrar
and transfer office
Butterfield Fulcrum Group (Cayman) Limited
Butterfield House 68 Fort Street
P.O. BOX 609 Grand Cayman KYI-1107
Cayman Islands

Hong Kong branch
share registrar
and transfer office
Tricor Investor Services Limited
26th Floor Tesbury Centre 28 Queen’s Road East
Wanchai Hong Kong